30 APRIL - 1 MAY 2019

Trend Tour

Book a guided ‘Trend Tour’ of the London Stationery Show...


Trend forecasters Scarlet Opus are working with the London Stationery Show and all our exhibitors this year to identify products that epitomise some of the global consumer and design trends that will affect the stationery market.

Some trends are relevant now or will start making an impact in the run up to Christmas 2018, others will reveal themselves next spring/summer... take a look at the ’Stationery Trends Hub’, listen in to a trend presentation, or join a Trend Tour to find out more.


Choose from the tour times below:

Choose from the tour times below:

Each Trend Tour will last 30 minutes and cater to a group of maximum of 5/6 people.


Please note: All our planned Tours are now fully booked. We hope to offer an additional tour - on a first come, first served basis - on each day of the show. If you would like to be informed of the new timings, please email vanessa.fortnam@stationeryshow.co.uk stating which day you would prefer.


Tuesday, 24 April: 10.30am Full 11.00am Full 2.30pm Full 3.00pm Full

Wednesday, 25 April: 10.30am Full 11.00am Full 2.30pm Full 3.00pm Full


If you and your colleagues would prefer a private tour, please just ask! Contact Vanessa via vanessa.fortnam@stationeryshow.co.uk


All the Trend Tours will start from the 'Stationery Trends Hub' on the Gallery level at the Business Design Centre. This will be clearly signposted at the show, and on the show floorplan which appears in the Event Guide.


Please ensure you arrive several minutes before the tour start time.


The tours will be led by:


Victoria Redshaw

Lead Futurist, Scarlet Opus


Victoria writes trend articles for all types of media, acts as a media spokesperson for many Scarlet Opus clients, delivers keynote presentations at exhibitions, is a panel judge for interior design and architectural awards and curates trend hubs and displays. She also lectures at the University of Huddersfield and internationally.


She was honoured to be recognised as an International Thought Leader when invited to be one of the ‘100Minds’ for the ‘100Dreams, 100Minds, 100Years’ visionary think tank exploring far future life & work forecasts.

Laura Greenwood
Trend Forecaster, Scarlet Opus


Laura has a Master’s Degree in the field of trend research and a first class honours degree in ‘Surface Design for Fashion and Interiors’.She is experienced in identifying, presenting and translating design trends for clients in the UK, EMEA, Australia and the USA.


Scarlet Opus is a trend forecasting agency providing consumer, business and design trend insights to the interiors sector. Clients include national and multi-national retailers, designers and manufacturers of products for interiors, as well as home builders and architects.

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