Creative Stationery Workshops

The Creative Stationery Workshops are a chance to sit down and try out some great new products, learn some quick and easy demos and take away ideas to try out in store with your own customers. Take a look below to see the workshops that took place at the 2019 show.


Personalise with Ceramglass

Draw directly on porcelain, glass and ceramics with Sakura's Pen-Touch Ceramglass. It’s the only ceramic marker that doesn’t require baking after decorating, because the ink dries itself. After complete drying time (12 hours) your decoration will be dishwasher safe, colourfast and won’t fade. With a few easily available props and a bit of help from visual artist Christine Nicholls you can amaze your customers!


Silhouette Effect Greeting Cards with Artline and Xstamper

Using Xstamper Quix stamps and Artline Supreme brush pens, join Shachihata and professional artist Judith Selcuk and learn how to design stunning visual greeting cards with ease. Simple yet extremely effective! And a good instore workshop idea to attract all ages.



Botanical Bunting with Derwent

Join artist and illustrator Judith Selcuk for a workshop inspired by her love of drawing and passion for creativity. Judith will provide everything needed to create your own botanical inspired bunting, including tips and techniques on using Derwent Metallic Pencils and an enthusiasm and joy in creating for pleasure. Learn how to show off these highly shimmering metallic pencils to their best effect.


3D Lettering with James Lewis

Learn the basics of 3D lettering with lettering sensation James Lewis and Manuscript’s marker pens. Watch James as he takes you through the process of creating 3D letters with markers and have a go yourself under his expert guidance. A great style to WOW your customers with!



Fabric Screen Printing with Marabu

You can create super-cool designs in minutes with the new Marabu Textil Screen Printing Kit from West Design. Personalise T-shirts, cushions and all manner of fabrics with your unique creations! Easy and fun to use.



Blending with Chameleon

These new Fineliners with a dual ink system allow the user to instantly blend colour for all their writing, journaling, drawing and colouring. Customers will be itching to try these from Chameleon, so prepare yourself for the questions with this workshop to find out how they work, the best colours to blend and pick up some eye-catching tips and colour blends to help show them off!



How to Properly Sharpen a Pencil

In this workshop Makers Cabinet will show how to perfectly craft your pencil to the perfect point using the Høvel pencil plane. They will explain its benefits over other sharpeners and why it is causing such a storm, and how you can display and demo it in your store.


Create a beautiful gift

Professional artist Judith Selcuk will be demonstrating how to create a beautiful, contemporary galaxy ceramic coaster with modern metallic hand lettering designs using the brand-new range of Artline Decorite pens from Shachihata. Easy and fun to use, this is a lovely idea to share with your customers.



Attract a young audience...

Be part of the UK launch of ‘Pixie Crew’ which offers ‘pixel art’ stationery, toys and bags. Come and discover why it’s so popular across Europe for 4-13 year olds. Sign up to find out more about the Pixie Crew in-store Event Pack, designed to help attract children into your store and a Retail Launch Pack which includes a demo station and free stock to encourage them to have a go!




Personalise with Pen Touch Markers

The Pen-Touch, with its extra fine nib, from Sakura, is perfect for all hand-lettering and art projects, and can be used on almost all surfaces including glass, metal, porcelain, plastic, wood, paper, card and pebbles! A great pen to share with customers.



Creative Lettering with Ecoline Inks

Courtesy of Royal Talens, visual artist Christine Nicholls invites you to create a bespoke piece of work using the much-loved Ecoline liquid watercolours. The blendable and mixable colours are straightforward and fun to work with, so come along and learn some easy ideas to pass on and share with your customers.



Bullet journaling with Sakura

The Pigma Micron and Gelly Roll pens from Sakura are already cult pen favourites in the journaling community, so sit down with visual artist Christine Nicholls to discover why… Quick drying, no bleed through, waterproof, fade proof - the list goes on! Try them for yourself and pick up some great tips to pass onto your customers on brightening up their journal entries...



Zendoodle with edding!

edding gloss paint markers are available in three different nib sizes, making detailed works of art easy to create. The paint-like pigment ink is quick drying, weatherproof, extremely lightfast and wear-resistant – perfect for decorating pebbles and lots of other things around the house, or your store! Have fun building up layers of colour once the base coat is dry. edding offers plenty of ideas and provides worksheets to help you prepare your own workshops.