VENT goes ahead with Global Education Awareness Day

VENT goes ahead with Global Education Awareness Day

VENT for Change, the sustainable stationery brand that protects the planet and supports children’s education projects worldwide, is pressing ahead with their global education awareness day despite the COVID-19 restrictions.

Each year in May, VENT for Change organises Share a Pencil Day for schools throughout the country. Completely free to take part, Share a Pencil Day teaches UK school children the importance of education, why millions of children worldwide are still missing out on schooling, and why that matters.

Since launching this amazing initiative in 2017 more than 150,000 children from over 600 schools have taken part. “Normally this is an in-school event with activities and special assemblies focusing on this incredibly important topic. This year of course we have had to adapt to children across the country working from home”. said Evan Lewis, Founder of VENT for Change. “Ordinarily they undertake their tasks and lessons on the day, having to share one pencil between two to understand a little more directly what it’s like to lack the resources we take for granted.”

The younger age groups in KS1 learn the four main reasons children cannot attend school; teenage marriage, extreme poverty, natural disasters and war and conflict. This year the elder children in KS2 are learning specifically about Children on the Move, displaced or refugee children that have had to flee their homes and how that affects their education. Lewis and his team have amended the teachers resources to enable all this to be provided as a Working from Home assignment for the children. All schools taking part have been asked to do this on Wednesday 20th May, just as if schools were still in.

VENT is one of a growing number of conscientious brands that combine beautifully designed products with an ethical purchasing option for their customers. All their items are made using sustainable materials and with every item they sell, they support on-going global education projects worldwide through their chosen charity partner.

Set up by social and environmental entrepreneur Evan Lewis, Bristol based VENT for Change combines its support of global education with impeccable eco credentials. From its UK made pencils produced in-house from recycled CD cases, to its pocket books made using reclaimed coffee cup fibres, every item has a strong environmental message of its own.

This annual event further cements VENT’s position as one of the UK’s foremost ethical and social businesses.

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