nu: Notes leads the way in sustainable stationery

nu: Notes leads the way in sustainable stationery


Earlier this year nu: Notes launched nu: Evolve, the UK’s first fully recycled and recyclable notebook range. The nu: Evolve range represents the epitome of sustainable stationery, made using fully recycled FSC®-Certified paper and board from cover to cover and are printed using vegetable based inks.

Vegetable ink is an innovative, eco-friendly ink most commonly made using soybean and linseed oils, where the oil from the vegetables acts as a vehicle for the ink pigments. As traditional ink is petroleum based, going veggie is much better for the environment.

Petroleum ink comes from crude oil, a harmful, finite, non-renewable resource and fossil fuel which requires a lot of energy to produce, whereas it takes just a small amount of energy to cultivate vegetables. Vegetable ink can even come from a byproduct of existing vegetable crops, so there is no need to grow new crops. Petroleum is also known to be toxic to the planet. As they are plants, vegetables reduce air pollution in their production by absorbing harmful CO2.

Vegetable ink is made by firstly growing vegetables or soybeans and then picking and washing them. These are then cut into smaller flakes and turned into oil, which is blended with the pigment and resin to create ink. With this eco-friendly ink you can achieve the same high-quality, vivid colour found in petroleum-based ink, but with less pigment. The nu: Evolve range of eco-friendly notebooks features high quality board covers, with a stylish design, a staple of the nu: Notes products.


Managing Director, George Wilkinson says “We have ensured that every detail in this collection has been thought of, the twin wiro used to bind our notebook is not coated in any unnecessary plastic, the cotton used on our stitched notebooks are made from natural fibre and the tape on our refill pads are paper. We have taken great care to ensure that these notebooks can be recycled, so you can help the environment too once you have finished using it! We are proud of our new collection and everything it stands for.”

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