Blog post: Home life chaos managed with Avery

Blog post: Home life chaos managed with Avery

The Avery team share some tips to keep everyone entertained while working from home.

Lockdown continues and the majority of us remain working from home. We have had weeks of learning to get used to our new normal. For many of us with families, this has been a challenge; whether you are home schooling older children or have 5 year olds running around the house, it is certainly chaotic! A lot of us have two thoughts right now, keeping the kids occupied inside the house - whatever age they are - and keeping ourselves occupied with something other than TV. So we thought we would share some of the things we at Avery have been doing to stay entertained whilst working from home!

Getting creative on a budget
Coming up with fun ways to entertain ourselves is hard – let alone the kids. So we have been finding low cost, creative ways to entertain each other.


First, a walk down memory lane! We are in an age where all our memories are instantly accessible on a phone, and that is great as it keeps images perfect and undamaged. But, many of you reading this will remember going through the family photo albums when you were little. There is something so special in being able to physically see the photo and talk about the memory. So here are a few ideas:


• A photo collage: Print of a selection of photos and put them in one frame.
Our product manager has just done this with her wedding photos from a year ago, and it was amazing because they had forgotten about so many little details that made the day so special.


• Scrap booking: Pick a theme and get creative!
Use it as journal, have photos of the fun holidays you have been on. Or make the baby album you have been putting off.


Secondly, why not personalise? For the DIY types out there why not customise a t-shirt or pillow? A lot of our parents have said how much their kids enjoy having their own pillow with their special design on it! We have textile transfers which are super easy to use and have a how to guide on YouTube – so why not give it a go?!

Organising the whole family’s work
Work means so many things to a family. For the people taking exams, it is stressful right now. We can all agree that when it comes to revising we start with the best intentions, but can get distracted or become unstructured quickly...that is why organising your notes is so important. We would suggest using our little tabs for your notes. From a uni student studying for online assessments to secondary schoolers, revision aids are always helpful - plus our tabs don’t damage the paper! The same applies for parents, our UltraTabs just help organise your thoughts and papers, and help keep you on track.

So those are our suggestions for ways of keeping life at home creative, and organised. If you decide to give some of these ideas a go make sure to tag us on social media – we want to see what creations you come up with!


Stay Safe, Avery


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