Morocolor Italia SpA

A story of colors
Colours are part of our family tradition, which began with a small white chalk. In 1933 the grandfather Camillo created the brand CMP (Camillo Moro Padova) and started the production of those blackboard chalks which are part of our collective memory and have been used by many children in Italian schools. Sealing wax, clay balls and ink powder completed the CMP range. Three generations have gone by and now we are Morocolor Italia S.p.A., exporting to 84 countries worldwide our production of colour and school and crafts products. Our business has evolved, but the spirit remains as we started: we love our products. We love to study, produce and improve them for our customers, we are constantly looking for new solutions and the pleasure of feeling colour is for us very important. Children are our most demanding customers and we are committed to offering them not only appealing but also high quality colour pleasant to use, easy to apply, nice to touch and manipulate. We put great effort in ensuring the safety of our products, with significant investment in testing and quality control.


Our green spirit
Our focus on customers means also care for the environment. Since 2010 Morocolor’s facility has been run by means of solar power and lit by LED lighting. A low water consumption system for the washing of our mixing tanks is active, and we have always been careful to recycle chalk, watercolour tablets and powder, wax crayon waste. Plastic waste is ground and sold to companies specialized in the recycling of such material. Our contribution to making the world more beautiful is to work hard everyday with passion for creativity.


A fully Italian production
We are proud of our production, which is carried out in our Italian facility located in Campodarsego, where everyone contributes to the success of our products. Always careful to deliver value for money, we combine technology and experience and we use safe raw materials, holding full control of the production processes and full traceability for all our products. The constant experimenting and innovation is carried out by our internal research laboratory, where formulations, techniques and new ideas are developed.


Safety for our most demanding customers: children!
All our products are rigorously tested and meet the compliance requirements of our sector. Great care is taken in the realization of the packaging by choosing recyclable materials, special safety caps for small children’s safety and by designing multi-purpose containers. Every colour can be mixed together, even if belonging to different product families, because creativity knows no barriers and flourishes with the use of different techniques and materials.

Stand: M448
Via Bassa Prima 224, Campodarsego, Padova, 35011, Italy
0039 0499201190


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