Bright Concept YOLO

Bright Concept, the company which envisioned and brought Yolo to life, was established in 2013 with an inspiring vision:


To color kids’ lives all over the globe


We wanted to create a true love brand for kids, a brand which kids around the globe can relate to and find their unique style. We wanted kids to experience this brand in a fun, unique and colorful shopping experience, designed especially for kids, a "candy store" for stationery and gifting.

After investing a lot of love, thought and effort Yolo was born and immediately started to splash some color into kids’ lives.


We were amazed by Yolo’s success and how much everything we created was adopted with love and excitement by our consumers.


What Is Yolo?


If you’re a teen, there is no way you are unfamiliar with this phrase Yolo is the new "Carpe Diem" expression for teens, THE word to summarize all the fun, light and colorful things you can do in this world.


You Only Live Once

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