30 APRIL - 1 MAY 2019

Creative Stationery Workshops

Perfect for retailers looking for ideas on how to engage with customers, you’ll find the Creative Stationery Workshops area located right in the middle of the show on the mezzanine level.


We're very lucky to have Reeves sponsoring the programme this year and running their own workshops. They are being ably supported by the Association for Creative Industries UK (AFCI) team, headed up by Creative Industries Editor Julie Bonnar, who will be making sure everything runs smoothly on the day.


Be prepared to come along and do your stuff – these are not demonstrations, but easy ideas for you to try out and consider running in your own store. So, roll up your sleeves, get everything out of the packets and get stuck in!


Talk to the workshop presenters and suppliers about what retail support they offer - whether it’s a supply of product samples, workshop activity sheets, or someone to help you out. This is where you’ll find ideas on how to encourage your customers to spend some more time with you and the products you sell.




Please note: The London Stationery Show is a trade exhibition for buyers, retailers, dealers and other resellers of stationery, and is not open to the general public.

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Read about the workshops on offer here:


Reeves (ColArt)


Tuesday 24 April - Table One 12.55

Wednesday 25 April - Table Two 11.25


We often say "we are not creative or good enough to use art materials, let alone put it on show". Overcome your insecurities with guidance from art tutor Natalie Batchelor and learn how to use Reeves materials to transform ordinary household objects into the extraordinary. Unleash your creativity!



Winsor and Newton (ColArt)


Tuesday 24 April - Table Two 10.15

Wednesday 25 April - Table One 14.35


Using Winsor and Newton drawing inks and ProMarkers artist Rebecca Osborne will help you create a range of unique designs that can be used as part of an illustration, or to create elements perfect for papercraft projects. Easy to replicate in store, these methods will allow you achieve delightful effects confidently, to inspire all artists from beginners to experts.


Snazaroo (ColArt)


Tuesday 24 April - Table Two 13.10

Wednesday 25 April - Table One 11.10


Experiment with the Snazaroo brush pens and find out just how simple they are to use. Emma Monro, who will be leading this workshop, once held the Guinness World Record for the most faces painted in an hour! She'll keep it quick and simple for this workshop and show you an easy design which can be easily replicated.




Tuesday 24 April - Table One 14.15



Using edding porcelain brushpens, you’ll find harmony in creating colourful geometric patterns on edding travel mugs. Jade Ratcliffe from edding will show you how an even colour distribution is easy to achieve with the flexible brush nibs and creamy application. You’ll also get the opportunity to decorate the cardboard sleeve with edding matt paint markers!


Katy Sue Designs


Tuesday 24 April - Table One 09.50

Wednesday 25 April - Table One 12.55


Renowned paper artist Emma Boyes, has produced ‘Adventures in Paper Cutting’ to support this latest ‘must-do’ craft. You’ll be working with ready to cut design sheets taken directly from Emma’s latest craft pad and should complete a finished piece. Come and give it go and discover how to set up the same type of class in-store.


Royal Talens


Tuesday 24 April - Table One 10.35

Tuesday 24 April - Table One 15.45


Join Royal Talens and their ambassador Katie from London Calligraphy for an introductory brush lettering workshop. You will learn how to write beautifully using the Ecoline brush pens. The workshop will begin with practicing the basic strokes and alphabet. Time will then be spent developing words and your favourite quotes or messages.


Crafter’s Companion


Tuesday 24 April - Table Two 10.50

Wednesday 25 April - Table One 14.00


Create a Spectrum Noir Metallic marker swatch board and learn to write your name in brush lettering on a stamped image, coloured with either Sparkle pens or Metallic markers. Crafter's Companion TV favourite, Fiona Clayton, will ensure you gain practical knowledge of the markers and their capabilities as well as insights on how to best sell them in stores.




Tuesday 24 April - Table One 11.45

Tuesday 24 April - Table Two 14.50

Wednesday 25 April - Table One 10.00

Wednesday 25 April - Table Two 12.00


Unleash your creativity with Posca pens and decorate a glass votive with these versatile, multi-surface markers. Artist and illustrator Ella Johnston will talk you through how to use your Posca on glass and provide easy drawing tips and simple motifs to trace and transfer.


Manuscript Pens


Tuesday 24 April - Table Two 12.35

Wednesday 25 April - Table Two 10.50


Learn the basics of creating your own place cards using calligraphy pens and markers and pick up tips on how to replicate the experience in your own store. Calligrapher Joyce Lee will help you acquire the skills to educate customers on the different types of lettering you can achieve with different styles of pens. From dip pens to Callicreative markers, learn everything you need to know about getting creative in store!




Tuesday 24 April - Table Two 11.25

Tuesday 24 April - Table One 15.10

Wednesday 25 April - Table One 12.20

Wednesday 25 April - Table One 15.10


Come and discover the endless creative possibilities of the Primo magic wax triangle crayon with Matilde Moro. Perfect for children’s needs and for educational purposes BUT lots of fun for adults and artists too. Suitable for rubbing techniques, for three-dimensional drawings, even for origami special decorations and for many more creative possibilities which we can discover together!




Tuesday 24 April - Table Two 12.00

Wednesday 25 April - Table One 11.45


Create beautiful filigree and flowers with Judith Selcuk using Artline drawing pens, metallic Calligraphy range and water-based Supreme Brush Markers to create dynamic effective greeting cards.




Wednesday 25 April - Table Two 10.15

Wednesday 25 April - Table Two 13.45


Hand Lettering pads from Hahnemühle and brush pens from Edding come together in perfect harmony! Come and learn about brush lettering, a looser, more expressive form of calligraphy and hand lettering. Mia Warner will get you started and show you how easy it is to get hooked.


Paul Antonio


Tuesday 24 April - Table One 14.00

Wednesday 25 April - Table Two 14.20


Get confident with calligraphy! The key is to know what your nibs, inks, papers and brushes are capable of. Using tools from different manufacturers, well-known calligrapher Paul Antonio will start you off with a simple project. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to upsell products you have in your inventory and have more confidence to help customers find the perfect tool for their projects. You don’t need any calligraphic experience, Paul will provide lots of instruction and there will be handouts to follow.

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